Rip Curl launches the H-Bomb: "world's first heated wetsuit"

Although late October typically conjures thoughts about the upcoming ski season, Rip Curl is hoping to please those So Cal / Hawaiian residents by giving you one less reason to ditch the waves this winter. Announcing the "world's first heated wetsuit," the H-Bomb (no relation to the F-Bomb) looks like your average neoprene wetsuit at first glance, but beneath the back lies twin Li-ion cells which are used to generate heat and keep surfers warm on those chilly days at the beach. The suit has two settings -- low (120 - 130 degrees Fahrenheit) and high (140 - 150 degrees Fahrenheit) -- and utilizes "thin layers" of internal fabric to "spread the heat evenly and protect your skin." While we're certainly fans of staying toasty, strapping a pair of potentially explosive batteries onto one's back doesn't exactly sound inviting, but hopefully these won't be subject to any detrimental recalls anyway.

[Via Pocket Lint]