Apple to release Mac Pro with eight cores?

So now we've gotten word that the gang in Cupertino are working on a Mac Pro that will boast eight cores (call it octo-core, if you must) -- packing two Clovertownquad-corechips. Of course, this doesn't really seem all that much of a surprise given that this was already done over a month ago by our buds at Anandtech. But AppleInsider says that this new bump could happen "any time after mid Nov." for the Mac Pro line. Of course, most Apple rumors should normally be taken with a hefty dose of sodium chloride, but given that we've seen that no additional hardware or software tweaks are required to make the Mac Pro run properly with eight cores, it would seem that this is firmly within the realm of possibility. That is, assuming you have the hefty wad of cash that this will no doubt demand, and that Intel can produce enough supply in the near future.