M:I III the first Day and date blockbuster release for both Blu-ray and HD DVD

We all knew this would happen eventually, a blockbuster movie would be released on DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray at the exact same time and that movie is Mission Impossible III which will be released on Monday October 30th. Paramount might just be hedging their bets here, but it does bring a new interesting twist to our favorite format war. What makes it more interesting than the previous Warner titles released on both discs is the fact that both formats are supporting 2 disc sets. HD DVD of course uses VC1 and Blu-ray is sportin the old favorite MPEG2, the interesting part is what our friends over at HiDefDigest have to say about the comparison between the two formats. Peter M. Bracke says this is one comparison that makes a pretty good case for MPEG-2. It seems clear that, with enough bits behind it, the codec isn't ready to be put out to pasture just yet then goes on to say both the Blu-ray and the HD DVD of 'M:I III' packed equal punch for me. Head over and read the full review.