Philips' new Avalon monitors can track three babies at a time

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Philips' new Avalon monitors can track three babies at a time
Lovers of gadgetry, power tools and razors apparently aren't the only consumers easily appeased by the "more is better" mantra, it seems medical purchases can fall prey to its magic spell as well. Philips just busted out the new Avalon FM20 antepartum and FM30 intrapartum monitors (fancy med speak for pre-birth and birth) which can track not one, not two, but three fetal heart traces. That means mothers of triplets can have all three of their precious chilluns monitored at once, throughout the delivery process. In other baby news, a Japanese toy company has created a Mickey Mouse toy that plays soothing music for newborns, and can even create noises that can be heard by the baby while in the womb. Mickey will be hitting US shelves next February for $43.

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