Xbox 360: gaming console, media hub, and frying pan?

It's no secret that the Xbox 360 can get a little hot under the collar -- after all, this is the same console that drove people to build elaborate support systems or hang their power bricks out the window -- but who knew that the heat was intense enough to cook up some disgusting scrambled eggs? Unlike the fake MacBook frying pan we saw this summer, it seems that you can't cook an egg on a 360 simply by pouring it onto the toasty case; rather, you have to actually crack it open and get your breakfast on using the naked components. Since we're not foolish enough to sacrifice our own expensive electronics in the name of culinary science, we caught wind of this neat trick from reader Brett, who decided to have a little fun with his not-under-warranty 'Box after the red lights of death made their dreaded appearance. Before sending his 360 to the great videogame recycling bin in the sky, Brett and friends whipped up a nice little Julia Child-esque video that features the doomed console's heat sink being employed as the world's nastiest cooking surface -- and although the resulting eggs look absolutely revolting, that doesn't stop the intrepid cinematographers from scraping them out with a fork to savor the flavor (secret ingredient? thermal paste). Hit the jump to check out the entire escapade, and let us know in the comments if you've ever served up food after getting all Rachel Ray with one of your gadgets...

[Thanks, Brett]