Eleksen's fabric keyboard / UMPC case in the wild

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.30.06

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Eleksen's fabric keyboard / UMPC case in the wild
The fabric keyboard gurus over at Eleksen are apparently moving forward with its colorful fabric keyboard / UMPC case hybrid, which would add another clever offering to its already sleek Bluetooth and bendable options. While we the knew the company was eying opportunities to bring the vivid peripheral to market one way or another, it appears that Glen Evans of PocketPC Solutions has had the pleasure of testing out a working prototype of the aforementioned accessory with his very own TabletKiosk eo. His seemingly positive remarks suggested that it produces "an audible click when a key is pressed, and that it's very usable on a daily basis," which admittedly might not be all that long given the meager battery life in most UMPCs. While we're still not sure if Eleksen is looking to pump these out under its own name or offload the task to a willing OEM, be sure to click on for another shot of the cloth-based keyboard in its electric green glory.
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