Zune won't hit the UK until 2008?

It's a good thing that Europeans don't mind waiting for "kit" that's been released in other regions of the world months earlier, because according to a Microsoft exec, the WiFi-enabled Zune may not hit the UK until sometime in 2008 -- well over a year after its US launch. According to Dene Schonknecht, the company's media and entertainment alliance manager, "the earliest date it will be in the UK is towards the end of 2007. However, it could easily be 2008." Schonknecht told New Media Age (subscription required) the reason for the delay is that "we haven't yet selected a music store provider to build Marketplace in the UK, which means we're way off launch," although now that a Zune International head has been appointed, at least there's someone to spearhead the project. Overall, it's not shaping up to be a very merry Christmas for the Brits -- while Americans will be busy playing their new PS3s and rocking out to their new Zunes, our friends across the pond will have to settle for the same old crap that was available last year.

[Via MCV, thanks Tob3z]