Alienware accused of only courting positive reviews

While our dealings with Alienware have been nothing but positive (although we haven't chosen to review any of their systems), HEXUS seems to have gotten into a bit of tussle with the high-end PC maker, saying that the company will no longer send them products as a result of a negative review. The altercation culminated in an email exchange in which HEXUS claimed that Alienware "will only submit products to publications which will write nice things about Alienware," to which an Alienware representative responded: "That's was (sic) and remains Alienware's global marketing strategy from the beginning. We're hardly alone." Now, Alienware's received its share of less-than-positive reviews over the years so it's not clear how tightly they stick to that "global marketing strategy," if that's the case, but wouldn't the best strategy be to just make great PCs and let the reviews take care of themselves? Either way, we can certainly tell you that if that's actually the case, we'd have stopped dealing with them (or anyone else demanding positive reviews) faster than you can say VoodooPC.

[Via Slashdot]