Clarins Expertise 3P anti-electro magnetic radiation mist

Good news for the tin-foil hat set: Clarins just did you solid and busted out an anti-electro magnetic radiation mist -- we keed you not. Of course, this is for cosmetic reasons. Cancer be damned, Clarins just wants to make sure none of of that electro magnetic radiation is at fault for any premature skin aging. Such radiation-caused aging is a "very real problem" sez Clarins, and we suppose we should be grateful to the cosmetics giant for producing its new Expertise 3P Screen Mist to save our collective epidermis at a mere 39 euros (around $50 US) a bottle. The product "works" by forming a screen on the face, and also purportedly contains an anti-pollution complex to fight nefarious environmental causes of premature aging. Is this absolutely ridiculous? Perhaps. Are we loving every minute of it? You betcha.

[Via Shiny Shiny]