PlayStation 3 hands-on preview (with video!)

We got a brief shred of playtime back at E3 this year, but Sony was kind enough to invite us down to SCEA HQ in beautiful Foster City for a little one on one with some PlayStation3s and execs. We shot some video (yes, us) and have a some notes on the hardware after the break, so check it out!

P.S. -Our flash video isn't the highest quality / res. If you want the best looking video of the PS3, check out the VGA h.264 file below.

Download video
MOV (h.264) - VGA, QVGA

Music: Christopher Willits - Colors Shifting (Ghostly International)

If nothing else, it's certainly something to behold.

Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to video the slot loading drive in the PS3, but there isn't much to write about it. Anyone who's ever had a slot loading laptop knows the deal. It was a bit loud, but did the trick.

The port config, as we all well know by now.

That's a lot of logos.

The thing about the PS3, it's definitely optimized for heat. Without looking too much like the Mac cheesegrater, this thing is really set up for unconstricted airflow -- a far cry from its original, smoother design. During our play time, the unit remained relatively cool -- as cool, if not cooler than the Xbox 360.

The eject and power buttons aren't tactile, but they are touch sensitive.

Here we've got the CF, SD / miniSD, and Memory Stick slots, as well as the four USB ports, hard drive indicator, and wireless indicator.

We're not 100% sure, but we think this is where the hard drive's at. We understand it may be removable, more on that shortly.