LG's 100-inch LCD set for mass production

Stop trying to type faster, watch TV for hours, or organize the largest water balloon fight: there's now another way to get a Guinness world record holder in your home, as LG has just announced it is going to begin mass producing its record-setting 100-inch LCD. The 6-million pixel 1,920 x 1,080 display won't come cheap though -- while a final price has not been decided, the manufacturing costs alone are expected to be over $150,000 US. But anyway, how can we be satisfied with a 100-inch LCD HDTV featuring a 3,000:1 contrast ratio, 92% color gamut and 5ms refresh time when we know Mark Cuban is just going to come over and start bragging about his $70,000 103-inch 1080p plasma from Panasonic? While sneaking in and watching Oxygen Network until the logo burns in on his precious plasma would be nice, we'll probably just wait for the first price drop and save everyone some pain and suffering.