OLPC Update: Brazil to get test machines, Thailand pulls out

We last heard from our friends at OLPC a mere 10 days ago, when the non-profit's latest computer moniker changed from 2B1 to XO. But OLPC News is now telling us that there's a few new updates from everyone's favorite pastel-colored lappy. First up is news from Brazil, where IDG Now! Brasil reports that the country will receive 50 test laptops from OLPC, making it the first nation to have actual, live, working models. Meanwhile, across the world in Thailand, the whole notion of a $100 laptop has now become a bit less attractive to the new military government. Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was a big fan of NickNeg's pet project, but sadly, his countrymen kicked him out of office in September, making Thailand somewhat of a tough sell now. iTeau, a Thai blogger, adds that Thailand's new information and communication technology minister has said that he doesn't think that XO will work, and has ridiculed it as a "toy."

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