Danger designing dual slider for Helio?

Before anyone does anything rash like bust open the piggy bank in preparation for the Helio Drift, wait just a minute and listen up. Word on the street is that an even hotter phone is around the corner for the scrappy, MySpace-friendly MVNO. Details are sketchy at best, but the rumor goes something like this: Pantech and Danger (yeah, the Sidekick folks) have hooked up to design a dual-slide handset -- think LG SH100, but with QWERTY in one direction and numeric in the other. For the record, it's worth noting that Helio's VP of "Experience Design" Matias Duarte previously served as Danger's director of design, so it's possible that Duarte either called on his former employer to hook him up, or more controversially, that the new design is simply Danger-like in appearance and function. We've heard the terms "sleek," "rounded," "rectangular," and "black" thrown around to describe the device, which should pack 150MB of internal storage, Bluetooth, and a 2 megapixel cam. If we just threw a wet blanket on your desire for the Drift, we're sorry. Not really, though.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

Update: Judging from Helio's recent trademark filings, this could be the "Mighty." Also looks like there will be a silver or white version of the Drift, aptly named the "Snow Drift."