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TiVo offers up chromed-out "Glo" premium remote

TiVo offers up chromed-out "Glo" premium remote
Darren Murph
Darren Murph|November 3, 2006 1:15 PM

If you've weighed both sides and finally (albeit begrudgingly) handed over your $800 or so for TiVo's Series3 box, what's another $50 get the same remote again with a flashy outfit? Apparently TiVo thinks it's just a drop in the bucket, as the company is now selling a "premium remote" that bears resemblance to Logitech's Harmony 670, which supposedly lets you take "maximum control" of your oh-so-pricey PVR. The "Glo," as it's so aptly called, sports only one main distinction over the bundled flavor: a chrome rim around the edges. However, the remote will reportedly still operate exactly like the non-glamorous version with Series2 boxes, Series1 units made by Philips, and "Hughes, Samsung, and RCA DirecTV DVR boxes with TiVo service." It also touts a "DVR switch" to dictate dual TiVos with the flick of the finger, and hopes to reel folks in with its fingerprint-loving glossy black finish. While we don't see much value in this "ultimate edition," you can place you order now for $49.99 if you've just got to have it all.

[Via Zatz Not Funny]
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