TiVo to release 180-hour, dual tuner Series 2 box

Engadget buddy Dave Zatz over at Zatz Not Funny is reporting that TiVo will be giving the ol' Series 2 box another refresh before Series 3 models hit stores, well, when they get around to it. The new box, model number TCD649180, features a 180-hour recording capacity, both USB and Ethernet jacks for easy networking, and dual cable tuners -- although you can only record 2 regular cable or 1 regular and 1 digital channel simultaneously. Amazon lists the 180-hour box as available for pre-order at $350, which will probably cut into the sales of the 140-hour version that goes for $40 more. [Note: Although no photo of the new model is available, we imagine that it will look just like other Series 2 boxes, pictured]