Some interesting facts about the PS3

Even though we're basically on the eve of Sony's big launch of the PlayStation 3, we still had a few outstanding questions about some of the minutiae of the console. Yeah, we're dorky sticklers for detail like that. So here are a few interesting facts about the PlayStation 3 you may (or may not) be interested in knowing:

  • After plenty of gameplay the console is cool -- or at worst warm -- to the touch on every surface. In a side by side test with the Xbox 360, the console is comparably virtually silent, and the Blu-ray drive is significantly quieter than the 360's DVD drive.

  • USB keyboards and mice will be plug-n-play, no fuss at all. Who really wants to browse the web with a PlayStation controller anyway?

  • Bluetooth mice and keyboards will not work with the system at launch.

  • Any (A2DP) Bluetooth headset should theoretically work with the system, though Sony will have a recommended hardware list.

  • The EyeToy is the only USB webcam that will work with the system. The original PS2 EyeToy should still work with the PS3.

  • There are currently no plans for VGA out on the PlayStation3.

  • The system will not support more than seven controllers.

  • There are currently no plans for a cheaper, wired version of the SIXAXIS.

  • With its media playback software one can have in-game custom soundtracks, as with the Xbox 360, Wii, etc.

  • Despite rumor, Sony insists the US is still officially targeted for a 400k unit launch; Japan is still set for a mere 80k. Sony execs are actually expecting an upturn in unit production before launch, so those numbers may actually go up.

  • Some titles have an option to install some amount of game data (in addition to saved data) to the drive. Genji can install 4GB worth of data to decrease load times (quoted to drop from 12-15 seconds down to 3-4); this game data can be removed at any time without affecting your saved games.

  • The drive can be upgraded, although not on any official basis (read: YMMV, do so at your own risk, you may void warranty, etc.).

  • You cannot leave voice or picture messages for other users on the PlayStation Network, only text.