Broadlogic unveils TeraPIX, cable's "secret weapon"

While we all wait for fiber optics to start pouring gigabytes of data out of everybody's wall jacks for thirty bucks a month, there's always cable, and lucky for us there's peeps like Broadlogic working out fancy new ways to squeeze megabytes out of that ubiquitous coax. Broadlogic's new TeraPIX processor works by compressing those 80 legacy analog television channels -- which currently hog 500MHz of the available 750MHz in a coax cable -- down to a mere 50MHz, freeing up a whole lotta' bandwidth in the process. The compressed 80 channels are then decoded at the residential gateway and served up in tradition analog fashion to subscribers, along with a good bit more bandwidth for digital content and internets. The minimal infrastructure cost of all this could mean we see this solution sooner rather than later, and the chips are available now at $300 a pop for quantity purchases, but there's no actual word yet when our bandwidth salvation will arrive.

[Via GigaOM]