Finding a Wii where there is none

Let's be realistic here for a moment, shall we? If you didn't pre-order your PlayStation 3, your chances of getting one this holiday season are looking approximately slim to none -- but with the Wii, you may have a shot. Thankfully there are enough retail employees out there leaking valuable inventory data that we, the consumers, can hopefully use to find ourselves a console. While we can't exactly vouch for the validity of these tools, we'd first recommend the Wiiseeker, which appeared to cull the data leaked by Target employees regarding Wii locales, and mashes that up with Google maps. But if all else fails, Wiiloaded has a last ditch guide for snagging a Wii which might serve useful. We're making no promises, but with a little luck maybe your sorry self will be able to find something better than procrastination as your new year's resolution.

[Thanks, AJ]

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