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Intec offers up another Xbox 360 cooling solution: the $100 Power AC Adaptor

If you're not exactly down with tossing a water-cooling system into your Xbox 360, and don't want to get burned by a possibly scorching Nyko Intercooler, you should run right out and pick up Intec's Power AC Adaptor -- if you've got $100 to kill, that is. You heard right, Intec has unveiled a third-party power brick "to replace your lost or malfunctioning" one, which sports an internal cooling fan "to keep your Xbox 360 cooler during operation." It also boasts three status lights of the green, orange, and red variety, which informs you if the brick is "OK, in stand-by mode, or currently malfunctioning." Aside from having a built-in indicator for telling you just how bad things could get, the 0.85-pound device doesn't even include the wall plug to connect your newfangled power supply to an AC outlet. So even if you had the slightest inclination to save your Xbox 360 from impending overheating via this overpriced accessory, be sure your power cord isn't of the recalled variety before plugging up.

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