HP outs price, ship date for its 30-inch LCD monstrosity

The competition is really heating up in the 30-inch display space. Dell keeps slashing its own 3007WFP prices to ridiculous extremes (we just spotted it for $1,274 on Dell's own site), Apple finally got its 30-incher under two grand in August, and now HP is busting out its own aggressively priced option for full pixel assault. We've already spent plenty of time geeking out over the LP3065's specs, so the real news here is that HP is offering the display for $1,699, and it's already been spotted on PC Mall for $1,629, so there seems to be some flex to that pricetag. HP is estimating a ship date of November 11th, and while there might not be much to differentiate HP's offering from the pack -- though a trio of dual-link DVI-D ports does sound intriguing -- it's good to see someone else in the US break the $2,000 barrier.

[Thanks, Jaxim]