Phantom attracts "interest," delays Lapboard yet again

Apparently these guys just don't know when to quit, and rather than ditching the Lapboard in the same way the gaming service was dismissed, the seemingly bogus company is making waves (and probably little more) yet again. Although Alienware has reportedly handed over an order for the firm's yet-to-be-seen wireless gaming keyboards, we still maintain little faith in the notoriously unreliable company to actually come through, and today its, um, brave CEO announced another unsurprising delay. This time, the delay is actually being attributed to an overwhelming "demand," as Phantom claims that "major manufacturers of media center PCs and distributors" are throwing down so many orders that the company won't be able to "begin air shipments to the US" until February 2007. While you can place your order now through its online webstore (not recommended), only orders received through October 31st are "promised" in that first wave of shipments. But for those who are rightfully gun shy about handing over your credit card info to a company with such an incredibly undependable track record, you can surely count on just picking one up from "major retail locations" in Q1 of next year.