Thanko's hand-warming / snow globe holiday mice

If you just so happen to be in the market for a new mouse or off-the-wall hand-warming device, Japan's own Thanko has just the things. If you're down with a bit of holiday cheer, the admittedly unsightly snow globe mouse sports a bright, smiling face across the buttons, actual snow globe in the casing, and USB connectivity; additionally, Frosty can get his party on with the seven color-changing LEDs that light up the dome. If all that glitz just screams overkill, the hand-warmer mouse can keep your palm toasty as the snow trickles down outside your window, and the adjustable temperature knob can prevent unnecessary perspiration from accruing. Both mice sport 800dpi optical sensors and light-up when connected to a powered USB port, and the heater-equipped version can be had for ¥2,980 ($25), while the Santa-approved variety demands just ¥980 ($8.32).

Read - Thanko's hand-warming mouse [Via The Raw Feed]
Read - Thanko's snow globe mouse [Via The Raw Feed]