Toshiba's Gigabeat V60 launched

Toshiba just doubled the capacity of their Gigabeat V30 earning their Microsoft Portable Media Center player a swank new V60E moniker. That's 60GB of disk tucked into the chassis for up to 255-hours of hot, hot animal network action recorded off the OneSeg ISDB-T mobile TV tuner. We're still talking a 3.5-inch QVGA display here but bumps can be found in the enhanced EPG now allowing for up to 16 shows to be scheduled for recording up to 1-week in advance. They've also managed to squeeze a bit more juice out of the battery which now boasts 27-hours of music playback (MP3/WMA/WAV/WMA 9 Lossless/DRM'd WMA), 9-hours of WMV vids, or 7-hours of OneSeg TV which should be spot-on based on reviews of the V30 sib. Expect the V60E to pop for Japan starting 8 December for ¥59,800 (about $507) with the a 30GB, V30E hitting a bit sooner on 22 November for ¥49,800 (about $423). If history serves, then we can expect a tuner-free version of the V60 to arrive in the US a few months later.

[Via Impress]