Motorola gets its push on, acquires Good Technology

Good Technology, the push e-mail mobile software company (think of it as RIM without the hardware, if you prefer), has just been acquired by Motorola for an undisclosed amount. Motorola previously had a business relationship with Good, and uses its mobile messaging software on Motorola -- but now, things get a little more interesting, given that consumers may have a choice between BlackBerry Connect or Good software on a Motorola Windows Mobile device. It's also curious that RIM and Motorola seem primed for a titanic clash, given that Big Mama Moto, a traditional ordinary-consumer company, seems to be encroaching on RIM's corporate customers with devices like the Q Pro, while our Canadian enterprise-focused friends are coming straight at John Q. Public with the Pearl. The deal is expected to close in 2007, given the Feds approve and all that jazz. As of this writing, Motorola stock rose on the news 0.84 percent to 21.37.

[Thanks, Vince M.]

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