Xbox 360 backup hack leads to surging dual-layer DVD+/-R sales

Although a lot has been said regarding the hackability of the Xbox 360, there's always a way if there's a will. Sure enough, the clever, engineering minds of the world finally figured out how to flash its firmware, create backup discs, and subsequently destroy any remaining warranty. While Microsoft certainly doesn't appear to be the beneficiary in this here scenario, someone's always there to catch the spoils of such widespread hackeration, and this time it's the dual-layer DVD manufacturers. As the hack has seemingly become quite the rage, companies such as CMC Magnetics and Ritek are seeing demand for their "dual-layer DVD±R discs" creep upward; coming off numerous months of sluggish sales, the outfits are pointing the finger at widespread availability of the Xbox 360 hack to explain the sudden resurgence in popularity. While "global DVD±R DL disc shipments are expected to reach 100 million in 2006," analysts are now expecting that number to "double" in 2007, so hopefully the cost of backin' it up will continue to become more affordable than ever (until Microsoft rolls out another fix, that is).