Chocolate covered Mac Classic

You've heard of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - well here's Freddie and the Chocolate Factory. Freddie is a food stylist and photographer who used to be a chef and he has a passion for all things chocolate. And I mean literally all things. He has a knack for freezing ordinary objects and coating them in a hard candy shell using an airbrush technique often used for coating cakes. The result is a velvety chocolate finish that makes even the most unappetizing object look good enough to eat. One such object is this Mac Classic, circa 1990. Mmmm.... a tasty treat, indeed.

I still have an original Mac Classic. It was the very first Mac I owned. It still boots and I take it out of the closet every now and then and start it up to remind myself how far we've come. Oddly enough, Photoshop 1.07 takes about as long to load now as it did then. Ah... nostalgia.