Icuiti unveils AV230 head-mounted display

Icuiti, producers of numerous "intelligent display solutions," has rolled out a new head-mounted display to provide "four to five hours" of portable viewing satisfaction. Similar in specification to the company's iWear (not that iWear), the AV230 differs in that it doesn't play favorites with Apple's iPod, and instead works with any video source including DVD players and gaming consoles. The eyewear sports twin 320 x 240 resolution displays, an integrated, rechargeable battery pack, 60Hz refresh rates, automatic 2D / 3D selector, NTSC / PAL support, and a mini-USB charger to "maximize mobility." Reportedly "developed from US Military technology," the goggles provide a "44-inch virtual screen" and can even be worn with prescription eyewear, but they fail to mention the humiliation you'll endure if you're caught rocking these in public. Regardless, the AV230 can be purchased now for private, in-home use for $269, and units should start shipping to brave early adopters in December.

[Via I4U]