TiVo adds PC-based video downloads, TiVo-to-TiVoCasting, CBS content

After years of keeping us waiting with hollow promises and a bunk Netflix partnership, TiVo's finally rolling out video downloads. Kind of. It's actually just DRM-free web video downloads, a la video podcasts and user generated content (think: YouTube) which can be imported from the TiVo Desktop software -- which still costs $25 for the Plus upgrade codec pack (although this added functionality will be free, presumably for those customers). We don't know yet if TiVo Desktop will help aggregate said content, or why you'd want to spend so much time putting web content on your TiVo, but whatev. Also, TiVo will be adding a video sharing "channel" for other pals who also have TiVos, automatically sending video to boxes on their own TiVoCast network. (Details are still hazy here to -- does this include TV shows? We think not.) TiVo is also enabling CBS video downloads from,, and CBS SportsLine content, although we don't yet know if it's limited only to clips or if we're talking full eps of Survivor. Oh, and just in case the vague source article goes down, we grabbed a screen from the site that borked the embargoed release. More to come!

[Via ZatzNotFunny]