Dell's quad-core XPS 710 gaming rig, for designers

Dell's bringing the quad-core gaming heat this morning with a Core 2 Extreme QX6700 update to their XPS 700 gaming rig. The new XPS 710 is said to be a "gaming beast" offering "up to" a 55% bump in performance at an equivalent premium over its C2E dual-core cuz. Just be careful here folks, 'cause as we've seen in the reviews, the QX6700 is matched in performance by the dual-core X6800 and E6700 procs (found in the XPS 700) when tested in real world gaming scenarios despite having twice the cores. See most games simply aren't written for four cores -- yet -- having just now adapted to dual-core architectures. But let's wait for the reviews before getting too far ahead of ourselves on this. Prices start at $3,699 for that quad-core luxury in jet black chassis or $3,799 for Special Edition Formula Red and heftier 1-kilowatt power supply. Just don't come crying to us if you find it better suited at 'Shopping images than an all night frag-fest.