Daisy MP3 Player Kit, a DIY DAP for $120

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|11.17.06

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Daisy MP3 Player Kit, a DIY DAP for $120
Looking for a weekend project, or haven't found a music player that'll satisfy your inner creative geek? Well, meet MAKE's Daisy MP3 Player Kit, an open-source setup that'll play MP3 and WAV files all from one little chip board. Of course, this is a kit, not a full-fledged player, meaning Daisy comes in parts -- you'll have to give it a power source and a case should you want to actually use it in the real world. You can buy whole kit (the caboodle is extra) from MAKE or direct from its Oakland-based creator for $115. By the way, if you manage to strap the Daisy to some sunglasses or other headwear, we figure that would place you right smack in the middle of the wearable MP3 spectrum, which ranges from the ridiculous iSoundCap to the sublime DIY Oakley Thump shades.

[Via MAKE:]
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