PS3 doesn't do 1080i?

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PS3 doesn't do 1080i? image
PS3 doesn't do 1080i? image
That's what IGN has discovered in testing several PlayStation 3 games. Despite 1080p being "the true definition of HD", most of the titles available are rendered internally at 1280 x 720 and scaled up accordingly... or at least that's what should happen. On many older CRT HDTVs that only support 1080i input and not 720p, instead of scaling to the appropriate HD resolution, the PS3 goes back down to the positively Wii-like EDTV standard of 480p. The problem is confirmed to exist in Resistance: Fall of Man, Tiger Woods 07, Need for Speed Carbon and NHL 2K7 so far, but no word from Sony if this can or will be fixed in a downloadable update. The Xbox 360 scales to 1080i without a problem -- although 1080p results may vary -- if you're not reading this from your place in line already be sure to check your HDTV's manual for supported input resolutions before grabbing a lawn chair (and bulletproof vest).

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