UK artist builds DIY Wacom Cintiq tablet for under $200

Artist and gadget builder Drew Northcott, of Bicester, UK, has just spent the last five months building his own Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet (no, not a tablet computer). Now of course, Drew could just have gone the normal way and bought the 21-incher for $3000, but as he cleverly pointed out: "where's the fun in just buying something?" He told us that after having begun the project on June 8 with nothing more than an idea, he finally "bolted the case shut" on November 9 -- almost exactly five months after having begun his odyssey. How'd our intrepid young artist do it? Basically he gutted a working Dell 1501fp monitor, stripped out the screen, and put it together with the magnetic sensor from the tablet into the Wacom case, along with a 2-millimeter acrylic panel over the screen for protection. However, that's a much simpler explanation than his 18-part online series, where Drew's got tons of photos to document each and every exciting step. So the final question is, how much did all these parts (time costs aside) run our good friend Mr. Northcott? Roughly £100 ($190), a heckuva savings by any measurement.

[Thanks, Chris M.]