WidgetStation gives you fewer reasons to get out of bed

Korea's emTrace looks to be branching out from its smartphone-centered niche, jumping on the widget bandwagon with its beefed-up alarm clock, the WidgetStation. Packing dual LCD screens (one color, one monochrome), the device will give you at-a-glance access to all the usual information that can be widgetized, including stocks, weather, and RSS feeds, as well as integration with a desktop PIM and the ability to browse photos (but apparently not videos) stored on a desktop PC. Interestingly, while the device will let you listen to Internet radio stations, there's no mention of support for plain old AM or FM radio -- one step forward, two steps back we suppose. From the looks of it, you'll also have to plan on stringing some ethernet cable if you're thinking of using the WidgetStation very far from your router, with the device sporting an RJ-45 port but no built-in WiFi -- something others don't seem to have had any trouble doing. Still no word on price, though emTrace should be announcing that at CES if the product is launching in early 2007 as planned.

[Via Akihabara News]