Nintendo confirms Wii DVD playback only for Japan, for now

We really hate going back on stuff that we reported on just days ago, but that's how things go in this business sometimes. So, first it was a maybe, then a definite yes, but now we're very sorry to tell you that it appears Nintendo will not be confirming DVD playback for the US and Europe -- at least for the time being. Our sister blog, Wii Fanboy, has the story, and reports that only Japan will be getting a Wii with DVD playback sometime in 2007. However, don't lose hope just yet DVD player-free Wii fans (seriously? you're out there?), because also reports that Sonic Solution, the company that's providing Nintendo with the appropriate DVD playback software, said that it signed a "worldwide agreement" for its new software to be included on the Wii, and that the software would be released in the "latter half of 2007." So, that could mean American and European Wii zealots will get what you've been yearning for -- or it could just mean that Nintendo and Sonic Solution are conspiring to tease you.

[Via Wii Fanboy]