Sony Ericsson's beastly W44S for KDDI au

A lot of phones, pictures of phones, and mockups of phones grace our desks in an average week; some leave more of an impression on us than others. Looking at pictures of this W44S from Sony Ericsson left us forever marked with deep feelings of fear, awe, respect, and a genuine hope that we might one day see such immaculate pieces of equipment in our own lands. We're not sure we can put our finger on what did it for us. Was it the glossy exterior, available in your choice of black, silver, or green? The gorgeous, Bravia-branded display? The beefy dual hinge? The digital radio and TV tuners? Seeing how we'll likely never have an opportunity to run our hands across this beauty's softly-sculpted lines, we may never know for sure -- but customer's of Japan's KDDI au can find out when the W44S drops next month.

[Via Akihabara News]