How to bump your Zune to 40GB

Despite our personal reservations on the topic, if you're rocking a Zune, we say more power to you, and we thought we'd let you know about this simple method to upgrade that little player of yours to 40GB. Ironically, iPodMods did the honors: turns out the Zune uses the same battery as that of the 60/80GB iPod, and while they were mucking about they also discovered that an upgrade to a 40GB Toshiba drive is relatively painless as well. The player also supports 60GB and 80GB drives, but you can't get the back cover back on with those bulkier drives in place, so no dice there. But if an extra 10GB is worth the price and hassle to you, then by all means grab your Xacto Knife and get hacking!

[Via Zune-Online]