Live from Nintendo's Wii launch in New York

We're hanging out at Toys "R" Us Times Square this evening, getting all ready for a bazillion people to get their respective Wii on. As of 9PM the line is already mind boggling, but the word is Toys "R" Us is stocked with 5,000 7,000 of the dang things for the launch, so there are going to be a lot of people going home happy this evening. Keep watching this space for more of the action as it unfolds, and make sure to peep the pics after the break.

UPDATE 1: New pics aplenty. Also, the scuttlebut on the street is that there are actually 7,000 of the little machines stashed away in Toys R Us, and from the looks of white wristband ubiquity (the wristband guarantees you a console tonight), nearly reaching all the way around a city block now, that could very well be correct.

UPDATE 2: Tons more pics. Here's a map of the Wii line. That may not mean much to you non-New Yorkers, so let's put it in perspective. A short block is 1/8th a mile, while a long block is about 1/3rd a mile. So this line is the better part of 4/5ths a mile long. A little arithmetic... we'd estimate that's about 2,500 - 2,600 people or more. Good news for New Yorkers looking to buy a Wii tomorrow morning.

UPDATE 3: Attention, folks, Reggie has been spotted. We love the big guy, and the very privilege of watching him play a bit of Wii Sports baseball has us shaking in our little blogger boots. He was upstairs at the Toys "R" Us Wii display, so we got some pics of that too, all of which can be spied after the break. One hour to go!

And here we are. To accompany the intense amount of Wii insanity, Times Square is its regular ol' bizzy self on a Saturday night.

You, friend, are a nerd. FTW!

We can hardly wait!

The few, the proud, the insane. Here we are at the front of the line.

Isian Triforce Johnson, a member of Empire Arcadia here was first in line, started his campin' at 9PM this Thursday. Yes, he legally changed his middle name to Triforce. Yes, we think that's pretty awesome.

The nearest we've seen of violence here tonight was these guys and their intense Mario Kart battles. Oh, and that PSP fanboy in the back gets some dirty stares now and then, other than that it's stayed pretty clean.


Naturally, the little kid was kicking the other guy's ass.

Joystiq's own Chris Grant throwing up the Wii gang sign.

Rocking it old school.

We knew Mario had a brother named Luigi, but who knew Luigi was a brutha?

We can't really read that, but if you can, more power to ya'.

After explaining that you need very little motion to control the Wii, Reggie proceeded to do very not that.

Fun Reggie fact: he plays best while using his own Mii avatar.

Poor Link, sitting here all alone. "Why don't you love me Reggie?" he says.