Fedora Linux up and running on PlayStation 3 (with video)

Ok, so we're admittedly jealous that not only does this engineering user have a PlayStation 3 in his possession, but has the time to load up Fedora Linux on it while we yearn to just sneak in a few minutes of long-awaited gameplay. While we're sure this hardcore fellow went to great lengths to get his paws on a highly-coveted unit, his endearing patience in firing up a launch title is quite admirable, and he's apparently got Linux not only installed, but up and functioning as well. While we knew that the Yellow Dog variety would be making its way over to Sony's latest console, we're thrilled to see that all the Linux hype has a backbone and a new home to boot. So if you're just dying to see what Fedora Core looks like on a Cell processor, make sure you peep the video after the break.

[Thanks, Klippoth]