Home Pro Racing Simulator decks out your living room for $4,000

You know, most of us who have extra 42-inch plasma screens just kicking around usually spend our spare time watching say, "Battlestar Galactica" or some other big exploding action-packed show. It hadn't occurred to us that what our home entertainment center was missing was a Home Pro Racing Simulator, but then again, what do we know. Costco, a big-box wholesale retailer, is shipping an equally ridiculously-sized $4,000 rig that apparently acts as the perfect cockpit for racing (no, not the actual kind) or flying video games, coming complete with a steering wheel, foot pedals, 10-inch woofer, a handful of tweeters, and of course the optional, but obligatory, joystick. While the Simulator is also advertised as a "movie-going experience", we're not really sure how you're going to cuddle up to your loved one in a single seat while squashed behind a steering wheel -- we're not trying to replicate makeout point in our home theater, ya dig?

[Via Red Ferret]