Errant Wiimote claims second TV's life

Wiimotes are becoming finely guided missiles, or so the internets would have us believe. The second set of destroyed TV pics comes direct from Michaela, who tells us that her seven year old girl was also playing Wii Sports bowling when her wrist strap broke as well, sending the controller rocketing toward the TV at a glass-cracking lawsuit-inducing pace. Now, we find the Wii Sports bowling thing to be an interesting coincidence, but it seems a little peculiar that a seven year old could produce enough force rolling that ball to tear her strap apart. We're not saying this is the first in what could be a long line of TV-grubbing copycats, but we think the time is officially upon Nintendo to step in before a few hundred thousand straps recalled turns into a few million -- and countless more televisions get themselves busted up royal.