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Sony, Nintendo get official, unofficial sneakers

While neither can match the simple geek elegance of street artist Invader's Space Invader-themed kicks, Nintendo and Sony fanboys now have some sneakers of their own to covet, although both look to be harder to get your hands on than a Wii or PS3. Sony's the only one of the two to get official with its sneaks, partnering with Nike for some PlayStation 3-themed footwear (at least that's what they're sayin' -- from the looks of it, Nike may have just taken the opportunity to unload some rejected designs.) Only 24 pairs of the PS3 sneaks were made, with most no doubt spoken for by now. You won't fare any better with the Nintendo shoes, however; these stylish but apparently non-functional kicks being strictly one of a kind, created by an talented sneaker artist for a recent Sneakerpimps event in Baltimore.

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