Gears of peace: Engadget & Major Nelson Vs. you and your pals

Love Engadget? Want to game with us to help Save Darfur? Hate Engadget? Want to get a tax writeoff for the privilege of curb stomping us in Gears of War? Well, now's your chance. In part one of this year's Engadget charity festivities, we're auctioning two hours of game time with Major Nelson and the editors of Engadget. You and your pals can choose to play with (or against) as many of us as you want -- just as long as you don't skip out on the charity end of business. Some details:

  • Real bids only people, this is for charity!

  • One week auction, no reserve.

  • Game will be held Saturday, the 2nd (or Saturday the 9th, if necessary).

  • Payment will go directly to Save Darfur, and will be expected to be made within two days of the auction's close.

  • BYO Xbox 360, Live account(s), and Gears of War.

  • Plan on us posting the final scoreboards on Engadget when the dust settles, even if we're humiliated pathetically.

100% deductible and 100% of the proceeds go to Save Darfur, so, what do you say? Let the bidding begin!

P.S. -No, the irony of a Safe Darfur charity Gears of War deathmatch isn't lost on us (hence the name). All we can say is, you guys picked the charity, we already planned out the event.