English crooks relieve trucks of $2.1 million in Xbox 360s

T'is the season for gift giving, friends and family, spreading yuletide cheer, and...multi-million dollar electronics heists? Proving that Monday's daring theft of over $12 million worth of motherboards and CPUs (now rumored to belong to Intel) from a Malaysian warehouse complex was no fluke, robbers in Staffordshire, England have succeeded in liberating about $2.1 million worth of Xbox 360s from a pair of delivery trucks -- in two separate incidents that occurred nearly a week apart. Although police have so far refused to make a connection between the lorryjackings, the fact that both trucks belonged to the same company -- Hellman Worldwide Logistics -- suggests that the bandits found security so lax on the first go-round that they decided to strike again while the iron was hot. According to reports, the most recent heist began after thieves tricked the truck driver into pulling over due to an object caught under his wheels, where they proceeded to drag him out of the cab, deliver a beating, and leave him injured on the side of the highway. Police are also speculating that, despite their success, the robbers were still of below-average intelligence, which is the only explanation as to why they would try to jack Xbox's instead of the much more lucrative PS3. And, in completely unrelated news, Amazon was somehow able to offer 1,000 360s yesterday for only $100 each.

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