Finally, on the fly WMV transcoding for the Xbox 360

We realize the fall update's only been out a few weeks, but it seems like an eternity for those of us that have been waiting since last November to stream media to our Xbox 360s without the need for a Media Center PC. A new TVersity patch allows users to transcode video to WMV -- now in real time -- for immediate distribution to their 360 over Windows Media Connect without the pain of duped files and finding a good WMV encoder. A little fuss, a little muss, and a few minor niggles to keep this from being a prime time solution, but still, there isn't exactly a plethora of ways to get your DivX onto your Xbox, so be grateful you've got at least something for now as the hardworking hacker front actually gives the people what the people want, whether or not it fits into Microsoft's digital media business plan.

[Via Joystiq]