GameStop employees allegedly fake PS3 theft

We're not ones to judge individuals who get carried away during the launch of a new console, be they politicians, hopeful campers, or even newbie eBayers. However, we draw the line at the law being broken in order to bag what is essentially a plastic box stuffed full of more plastic. In the latest of a rash of PS3-relatedcrimes, two 19-year old GameStop employees have been accused of stealing four PlayStation 3s and then telling police that armed gunmen had robbed the store and taken the consoles instead. The charges include suspected embezzlement, burglary, and conspiracy, all of which carry hefty jail sentences if the suspects are proven guilty. Still, we all know what the ultimate sentence-based deterrent to this sort of crime is: a lifetime of living under the label of being the bad kind of PS3 fanboy.

[Via Joystiq]