Crayola MP3 Player hits for $50, probably isn't edible

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|11.27.06

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Crayola MP3 Player hits for $50, probably isn't edible
It's not everyday that we get to write about one of our favorite low-tech-but-still-awesome companies: Crayola. After all, it was pretty much impossible to be a 20th century kid without having drawn with (or tried to eat) a fistful of crayons. Well, Crayola's now trying to draw (har) in new generation of would-be artists by partnering with GPX on its new line of consumer electronics, ranging from a calculator to a clock radio to what all the kids are going crazy for these days -- a DAP called the Crayola MP3 Player (YCMW2816). There's nothing all that remarkable about the MP3 / WMA player from what we can tell: it's got a tiny screen, an SD card slot and is powered by a single AAA battery. Beyond that it comes with two audio out jacks so that you and a friend can rock out on the included headphones and earbuds. This one will set you back 50 greenbacks, although we're a little unclear if that's payable in Forest Green or Fern.
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