ISO images dumped from PS3 Blu-ray discs via Linux

It's starting to look like the greatest enemy to PS3 "security" is the PS3 itself. Thanks to that handy OS named Linux, which conveniently comes prepped for the console, we're already seeing some pretty nifty things being done with the PS3, and now it's being put to good use to siphon data off of those nifty Blu-ray discs. So far nothing more than a straight transfer has been achieved, but it appears the PS3 game file structure is similar to that of the PSP. We're not sure how well on the way this puts us towards the ability to create "backup" discs of PS3 games, but at least it's a start. Oh, and a quick note to the Xbox 360 fanboys: Madden '07 barely uses 7GB of that expansive storage medium of Sony's, so we wouldn't worry about missing out on content with your dual-layer DVDs just yet.

[Thanks, Tam]