Jura-Capresso's Z-Series Cup Warmer preheats mugs for your enjoyment

If you're kicked back enjoying a cup of brew from your recently purchased Melitta ME1MSB coffeemaker, but just can't stop wishing your cold, uninspired coffee mug was a tad warmer on your palms, Williams-Sonoma has your solution. For folks who just need one more gizmo taking up space in the kitchen, the Jura-Capresso Z-Series Cup Warmer provides a heated storage bin for "up to 24 espresso cups or 16 coffee cups" that quickly brings cups to "the optimal serving temperature." The freestanding "accessory" was designed to work with the Impressa Z-series espresso machine, and boasts a convection heating system to get those mugs ready for company. While we're fine with the idea of a toasty cup on a cold, blustery morn, we'd rather rock the ole G-Gloves than throw down $999 for this contraption.

[Via Appliancist]