A few more spy shots of Nokia's 870 Internet Tablet

We knew it was shiny, but that was about it. Now we've got ourselves a few more angles of Nokia's upcoming 870 Internet Tablet, and a few more specs to be getting on with. As noted last time around, Nokia's main addition here is a fancy new webcam, which can apparently rotate to face towards or away from the user. According to our anonymous tipster, things have pepped up quite considerably under the hood, and internal memory has been bumped to 180MB, but the architecture is relatively unchanged. The 870 runs the exact same Internet 2006 OS as the 770, so no update love there. There is a fancy new integrated deskstand, however, along with a much-appreciated SD slot behind the battery cover in addition to that old RS-MMC slot which remains in the same easily-accessible spot. As you might've guessed from the pics, there's no more slide-in "dock" casing for this new version, but Nokia is including a fancy leather case, along with a microphone/headset for getting your VoIP on. Overall, the new version looks to be quite the svelte little number, and while we mourn the continued lack of a physical keyboard, we're sure we can find a few ways to have a good time with this little thing whenever it launches. Catch the rest of the juicy shots after the break.


It's not a revolution, per se, but it's still pretty dang handy.

Double the memory slots, double the fun!

More skinnay.

This is actually the camera in action. See that little nubbin on the left and the glorious image of wood grain on screen? Yeah? Good times.