Zune oddnesses: Zune pretty in pink; Zune on a Mac

So as we understand it, apparently Microsoft secretly slipped 100 hot pink (or shall we say, magenta?) Zunes into the retail market for purchase, where only especially eagle-eyed buyers would notice what they were getting before taking it home and opening up their rather eye-catching player. (For lawsuit's sake, it's in the fine print on the bottom of the box.) Supposedly there's another 100 pink Zunes that were given out to the Zune team, but we doubt those will be up on eBay any time soon, as is at least one of the pinks. Kind of a bummer though for that dude. You get what you thought was going to be your white (or brown or black) Zune home just to find out you've got a limited edition -- great, except that of all the colors to surprise a user with, statistically speaking pink might be the worst selection.

Oh yeah, and in other news somebody hacked XNJB -- the Mac app that makes use of select Windows-centric portable media devices -- to at least partially rock out Zune style (which so far as we know uses a variant of MTP, kind of like how it also appears to use a variant of PlaysForSure). Hot diggity, pink Zune on a Mac, can you get any more esoteric?

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